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proposing a toast
proposing a toast

Noblemen and noblewoman, you are welcome on the website of Svend von den Goselagern.

I am a professional medieval Artist. Up to 5 hours of historic entertainment on kngiht´s meals, historic festivals, medieval weddings are being offered.

I would like to take you and your guests with me on a fascinating jouney through the middle ages.

It starts with proclaiming the tablerules and proposing medieval german toasts.

As a medieval jester, minnesinger or minstrel, I will give you an entertaining time. A lot of Intruments true to the original like lute, harp, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy and pipes will be sounded.

Traditional german minnesongs will be also presented than wild drinkingsongs.

As a medieval magicien I will entertain you with magic tricks about the living of the nobleknights and nobleladys. Incredible wichtests or disappearing things will fill you with astonishment.

Let your guests ba a part of the german knighthood. Beside of jodeln and volksmusik there is a rich culture. Let me give you an amazing, unforgettable time.

For bookings please fill out the form.

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